J. Kharma is not just an artist gifted with word and song, she is an instrument of God in a spirit of truth and peace. Her musical tastes are eclectic and are reflected in her music.

Flamethrower available on all streaming apps!
2020 Remix (available on all streaming apps)

No Cell No Grave Pt2.

Latest single work in progress video and final master releasing soon……

J. Kharma the Artist

“I am not sick. I am broken. But I am happy to be alive as long as I can paint.”

-Frida Kahlo

I am an intuitive healer, and a musical poet at heart. I have been growing as an empathic artist from the time I tapped into my clairaudient skills as a nine-year-old girl hearing voices and songs from beyond the physical world I knew. Nearly 30 years later, I am combining all these to create a holy-spirit filled collection of music, poetry and vignettes.

” I am not sick. I am not broken. I am a vessel and I am happy to be alive to create for the purpose of our Holy Creator.”

– J. Kharma